Monday, November 7, 2011

REVZ performance

REVZ performance does REVO software now
And they have a opening special of 15% off on there software for VAG car 

Trial software (to feel how ur car will react with revo)

Trail software is designed to introduce a car owner to the capabilities of ECU tuning. If you have never experienced performance software Revo Trial gives you a taster of the true capability of your car!

Trial software when loaded onto a car lasts for approximately 5 hours of driving time, the performance and power is a taster of full software and is typically 80% of stage 1

Audi Stage 1 example gains:

Turbocharged Petrol

1.8T +30-50 bhp gain +25-35 lbft torque gain
1.8TFSi +60 bhp gain +90 lbft torque gain
2.0TFSi +35-60 bhp gain +50-80 lbft torque gain
2.0L Tsi +35-45 bhp gain +80-90 lbft torque gain

Diesel stage 1
1.9TDi +35-50 bhp gain +50 lbft torque gain
2.0TDi +45 bhp gain +53 lbft torque gain

1.8t Polo,Audi,Golf IV etc R3650 less 15%
2.0 TFSi Cupra,Golf V GTI, S3 etc R4560 less 15%
1.4 TSI New Polo R4560 less 15%
1.8 TSI/TFSI Audi R4560 less 15%
2.0 TSI Golf 6 GTI and ROC R4560 less 15%
Polo TDi / Cupra TDI R3650 less 15% GO PLAY

So give these guys a call

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